Intellectual Capital Development Corporation (ICDC) is a knowledge based consulting firm founded in 1990 to foster entrepreneurial thinking, new startups, and provide supportive services to small business owners. In the 1990’s, ICDC licensed its proprietary entrepreneurship education programs  to middles schools, high schools, colleges, community based organizations and public entities. ICDC has been infusing entrepreneurship education into all four phases of learning and supporting entrepreneurs for the past 30 years. In 2020, ICDC created the Entrepreneurship Learning Management System (ELMS) and with the support of our strategic partners will continue to increase the intellectual capacity, supply and support of entrepreneurs throughout the United States through our core ELMS education programs (iCAN, PIE, CEDI and QLR2040). View the integrative design and future of entrepreneurship learning (e-learning).

Special thanks to SpotOn and all of the strategic partners for supporting our Culinary Entrepreneurship & Franchise Certificate Program at  Southern University in New Orleans and assisting our culinary entrepreneurs during COVID-19

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