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Entrepreneurs generate the ideas; produce the goods and services, the jobs, and all the economic activities that drive the local economy. Given the widespread acceptance of the key role entrepreneurs in economy, Entrepreneurship Learning Management System (ELMS) digital platform is committed to developing the entrepreneurial mindset of middle school, high school, and college students. Preparing them for career as senior level managers and small business owners.

Imagine an online classroom full of motivated students who are engaged in entrepreneurship learning. ELMS is an interactive online learning that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in problem solving, business planning, system thinking, budgeting, forecasting and small business accounting.

ELMS is making learning entrepreneurship and engaging in free enterprise; easy, fun, rewarding and accessible to anyone with a iPhone, ipad, desk or laptop, and an internet connection. It gives them the spirit and mindset to think entrepreneurially and fosters leadership and goal achievement. 

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