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Quality of Life Renaissance 2040 (QLR2040) is a twenty year initiative focus on the the development of strong families,  quality healthcare, quality education, livable-waged jobs and opportunities for families to participate in entrepreneurship and building generational wealth throughout Louisiana, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Inspired and made possible by the  Smith W. Green Institute For Social and Economic Rebuild.          





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Earl Graves, CEO & Founder Black Enterprise Magazine & Omar Aziz, Founder of the Entrepreneurship Learning Management System.

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Individual Report

The EMP Individual Feedback Report is a “self-report” (your view of yourself). It provides scores on 14 discrete scales that fall within two broad domains:

 The personality characteristics and motivations that often distinguish entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs, and corporate managers through New Orleans, Central America and the Caribbeans.
  • The cognitive and behavioral skill dimensions which indicate how entrepreneurs typically approach tasks and the abilities they demonstrate.

The color-coded report presents results in text form as well as in clear, understandable graphs. The accompanying Development Guide is full of tips and strategies for improvement and contains resources for further development.




Group Report

The EMP Group Feedback Report displays composite data for groups, teams, or organizations throughout New Orleans, Central America and the Caribbean. The Group Report displays a group’s average score on each of the 14 scales and allows comparisons to corresponding scores of our current entrepreneur and corporate manager norm groups.

A minimum of three group members, each of whom has taken the individual version of the EMP, is required to run a Group Report.

Although an Individual Feedback Report can be purchased online, you need to be a Certified EMP Practitioner to use the Group Feedback Report. Contact us to request an EMP Group Feedback Report: +1 (828) 552-5620

Why EMP?

In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to make profound shifts in order to stay competitive. Those who want to make a mark on the world need to ask themselves some tough questions.


Are you fully leveraging your unique strengths and talents in a way that enhances your chances for professional success?


What should you be doing to help your teams and organizations grow and stay ahead of the competition?


Are you balancing risk and reward—and strategy and execution—in pursuit of high-potential opportunities?


 Having this “entrepreneurial mindset” is essential to sustaining growth and innovation. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is a cutting-edge assessment tool that examines the skills and capabilities that are needed for this new way of operating. The EMP helps corporate leaders, students and entrepreneurs assess the degree to which they are utilizing an “entrepreneurial mindset” and provides resources to leverage that competitive edge.

The EMP was developed by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College. LDI has been a Network Associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) since 1981 and has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients

"The city's key cultural role can be found in places as diverse as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Honduras."

QLR2040 is a twenty year initiative providing entrepreneurship education, economic development and cultural exchange between New Orleans and the nations of Central America and the Caribbeans. 

Rebuilding the Capital in Haiti will serve as anchor. Click the “LEARN ABOUT” button above, then click on the difference flags to learn about the nations. Also, click on the “THE DOOR” (on the right) to Haitian Cultural Legacy powerpoint presentation

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