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Entrepreneurial mindset profile (emp)

Business needs assessment (bna)

Business formation & systematization


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Entrepreneurship Learning Management Systems Courses [Tuition]:          

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile [Prerequisite:$85]    

Course 1-Participating In Entrepreneurship: Determine If You Have What It Takes [$297]

Course 2-Business Plan Accelerator: Plan To Win! [$397] 

Course 3-Business Systematization: Create A System-Driven Business [$397]                    

Course 4Business Accounting: Manage By The Numbers [$397]                  










Frequently asked questions

The StartUp Store is a one-stop resource for entrepreneurship education, startups, management,  growth and on-going business support.  

During a One-on-One consulting/coaching, entrepreneurs are provided the opportunity to address problems and challenges that need to be solved during the different stages of an entrepreneur’ business careers.   

ICDC has brought together the best resources and tools to support you during all phases of your entrepreneurial journey. The Business Needs Assessment (BNA) is used to determine what your business needs are and how to effectively address the needs of the business owner or management team.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is an exceptional resource you can use to assess 14 scales critical to entrepreneurial success.

Based on extensive research, the EMP helps individuals and groups leverage their entrepreneurial strengths and target areas for development. In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to make profound shifts in order to stay competitive. Having an “entrepreneurial mindset” is a key factor in supporting and sustaining the innovation that is critical to generating new business growth. Anyone, regardless of age, experience level or type or organization, can benefit from growing in these skills.


1. Independence: the desire to work with a high degree of independence

2. Preference for Limited Structure: a preference for tasks and situations with little formal structure

3. Nonconformity: a preference for acting in unique ways; an interest in being perceived as unique

4. Risk Acceptance: a willingness to pursue an idea or a desired goal even when the probability of succeeding is low

5. Action Orientation: a tendency to show initiative, make decisions quickly, and feel impatient for results

6. Passion: a tendency to experience one’s work as exciting and enjoyable rather than tedious and draining

7. Need to Achieve: the desire to achieve at a high level



8. Future Focus: the ability to think beyond the immediate situation and plan for the future

9. Idea Generation: the ability to generate multiple and novel ideas, and to find multiple approaches for achieving goals

10. Execution: the ability to turn ideas into actionable plans; the ability to implement ideas well

11. Self-Confidence: a general belief in one’s ability to leverage skills and talents to achieve important goals

12. Optimism: the ability to maintain a generally positive attitude about various aspects of one’s life and the world

13. Persistence: the ability to bounce back quickly from disappointment, and to remain persistent in the face of setbacks

14. Interpersonal Sensitivity: a high level of sensitivity to and concern for the well-being of those with whom one works

Feedback Report/Development Guide

The EMP Feedback Report compares your scores to our exclusive normative data from entrepreneurs and corporate managers. The accompanying Development Guide includes interpretive material, suggestions for development, recommended resources and guidelines for helping you write a successful action plan.

To more information email or call Omar Aziz, EMP Certified Practitioner at: Email-                                                                Phone-(504)521-6521


ICDC has been working with Micheal Mills for the past ten years the provide Business Systemization Planning. Listen to brief explanation of the systemization process using Touchstone Business Systems Software.



After serving as Entrepreneur-Residence at Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business, and the featured story in Entrepreneur Magazine; ICDC launch a  website created to foster entrepreneurial thinking and new business startups in the 1980’s and 90’s.  During the 2020 pandemic and global economic shutdown, ICDC developed and introduced the Entrepreneurship Learning Management System and the StartUp Store for entrepreneurs..  

The StartUp Store is a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs.  

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)

Our EMP is a cutting-edge tool to assess your mindset and unlock your entrepreneurial potential


Business Formation

We're in the business of helping you start your business. Over 2 million businesses have trusted us to help them get started. This will also includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, business planning, licenses, permits, and obtaining your EIN.


Open Business Account

Whether you’re a brand-new sole proprietor or an established company, we have partnered with Novo Bank to offer our members free business banking and financial tools to help you grow your business.

human Resources & Talent Development

As you begin the process of hiring a winning team, we you be there with you every step of the way.

Accounting & record keeping system

Business is a numbers game, and to play to win, the entrepreneur must be able to analyze the business from a financial standpoint.

Systemize & organize Operations

The Four Key Functions are used to create and organize all your work processes and standard operating procedures.

Graphic Design


Research, Marketing & sales

Website & Technology plan

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Our team is here with you every step of the way. 

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Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We are your trusted advisors with more than 30 years of experience helping organizations and  business owners just like you.

21 StartUp action items

We have identified 21 StartUp Action Items that are required to organized, start and operate your small business successfully. 


Business today demands entrepreneurial talent and divergent thinking to succeed and excel. No longer is it enough to do the same old thing better — business demands thinking skills that creates new solutions and new outcomes.                                                              You Must Take Action, Now!

We have identified 21 StartUp Action Steps required to start a new business and  brought together the leading entrepreneurial scholars, practitioners  and business development tools to assist you on your journey from idea recognition through start up and beyond. Our professional support team will be there with you every step of the way, coaching, advising, and guiding you on your path to entrepreneurial and small business success. Take the first step by completing the Take 21 Business Needs Assessment (BNA).                                         

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