For the price of daily lunch, you can hire a Strategic Advisor to do the work .


$ 25
/ wk
  • EMP Review
  • Business Planning
  • Pitch /Plan
  • Forecasting & Benchmarking
  • Schedule
  • Dashboard
  • Support Week-to-week


$ 75
/ wk
  • LivePlan Support
  • TouchStone Support
  • Getting More Business
  • Guiding The Business
  • Production & Service
  • QuickBooks Support
  • On-Site Engagement
  • Typically 2-4 months


$ 125
/ wk
  • Determine Franchisability
  • Create Business Model
  • Franchise Disclosure Doc.
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Write Operating Systems
  • Document SOPs
  • Hire & Train
  • Typically 4-8 months

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Get unstruck and let us help you systemize and grow your business. If you are ready to own a business, you must make the time to work “on” your business systems and not all of your time working “in” your business. If you want a growing business and you are challenged getting your operating procedures implemented in such a way that it is easy to train and manage employees, then take us to lunch. You don’t want to work for the business, you want the business to work for you.

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… of Systempreneurs. We have brought together the intellectual capital of business educators, students, and season business owners to support you in creating process dependent businesses.  

Available opportunties

We are now accepting application for Course Leaders and Strategic Advisors. For more information on hiring a  Strategic Advisor to work for you, please contact:     Omar Aziz – info@intellectualcdc.com.

Cancel at any time

Properly managing the operations of your small business is vital. We are here with you to help you every step of the way and will do the heavy lifting for you, and when you no longer need the support, you may cancel at any time.  

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